Flirt with a Chatbot

We are developing chat partners, known as “chatbots”, able to flirt with you for as long as you wish. Also “adult” chatbots for making sexy conversation.


A chatbot is computer software designed to create a conversation with you, the user. Each of our chatbots will have the personality of an entertaining, interesting and amorous partner, who remembers its past conversations with you, learning more and more about you as time goes on. These chatbots will be available in two different conversational styles – “flirty” and “adult” and you can choose between male and female versions of each style.

We are also creating a limited edition of personalized chatbots, each of which is designed and programmed to know about and be affectionate with a particular person. That person can be you, or anyone to whom you decide to gift one of these personalized chatbots.



Ashley and Michael: Episode 3


To get a free copy of David Levy’s PhD thesis “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners” click HERE.


To learn about our flirty chatbots please click here.


To learn about our adult chatbots please click here.


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