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Our company, Erotic Chatbots Ltd, is a start-up partnership between the developers of a world beating chatbot and a book publisher whose titles include a series of adult books and ebooks. Our team leaders are our President, Dr David Levy, and our CEO, Paul Andrews.


David Levy

David is President of the International Computer Games Association (ICGA) and is a respected researcher and keynote speaker in the field of Social Robotics.

He has led the development of the software and hardware of around 100 artificially intelligent consumer electronic products. He has twice won the prestigious Loebner prize, an annual competition to find the world’s best conversational software ( www.worldsbestchatbot.com ).

David’s latest book, “Love and Sex with Robots”, has also been published in an academic version as his PhD thesis at the University of Maastricht, much to the amusement of Stephen Colbert who interviewed David on The Colbert Report ( http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/ykpl7i/david-levy ).


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To download your free copy of David’s thesis click here [LINK].

David is also the CEO of Intelligent Toys Ltd, the London-based company which developed the Loebner prizewinning software. David and his team will be further developing and enhancing their world-beating chatbot software to provide the core of our erotic chatbots.

Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews has worked within the media, publishing and technology industries for many years, and has been the producer for an extensive range of developed apps, games and video media. Paul is the CEO of www.andrewsuk.com one of the UK’s leading digital publishers, part of which is www.houseoferoticabooks.com a leading adult publishing imprint.
He brings with him trusted business expertise and a track record of delivering projects and products, for global companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Nintendo.
Paul has a keen interest in advancing technology, as well as the liberated use of that technology. With this Erotic Chatbots project Paul’s goals are to advance human-computer conversational interaction and to demystify the skills needed for flirty chat and adult chat.

Our Mission

Erotic Chatbots Limited is an innovative technology start-up company, entering a large, well established market sector – adult entertainment – and creating a new market sector for intelligent, flirty chat partners. The company will set up and market computer-generated flirty chat services and adult chat services online. We will also operate similar services via text messaging, and we will launch apps for the most common hardware platforms. The company’s mission is to become the world’s leading force in the creation and marketing of artificially intelligent flirting chat services and adult chat services which are generated by computer software.

We are creating our chatbots to entertain and to satisfy the needs of everyone who enjoys flirting and/or adult sexy chat.

Our flirty chatbots will be able to flirt without limit, and will be ideal for those who would like to flirt more, and to learn and practice to improve their flirting skills.

Our adult chatbots will be able to talk dirty with users without limit, and will avoid the need for users to pay the hefty fees charged for regular phone or online chat with human sex-line operators.

The technology on which our products and services will be based applies leading edge Artificial Intelligence know-how to the flirty chat segment of the entertainment market. By engineering a quantum leap in the quality of our chatbot’s current conversation we will be capitalizing on the capability of Artificial Intelligence to open new opportunities for human-computer conversation and relationships. With Artificial Intelligence a computer character can become much more than an item of software. It can be endowed with its own artificial personality and emotions, and can become the user’s friend.

Current Status

The artificial intelligence software which forms the foundation of our chatbot technology was a winner of the annual Loebner Prize competition, widely regarded as the World Championship for conversational computer programs. This software will now be significantly enhanced and adapted for flirty chat products, in accordance with specifications devised by David Levy and the linguistics expert in his team.

Our Development Plan

The next generation of our chatbot software will provide a quantum leap in conversational performance. This leap will be made possible by the flexibility of our design approach which allows for the development of capabilities that are missing from other chatbots, including the use of certain types of knowledge and the creation and use of a history of the chatbot’s dialogues with its users.

The first stage of the project will be to enhance the capabilities of our chatbot. Within 8-9 months we will have created and tested a core software module that offers an enormous leap in humanlike conversational performance, forming the basis of products and services that we are confident will rapidly become market sensations.

We will then add a number of features to make the chatbot’s persona seem more humanlike. These will include providing it with more real-world knowledge and common sense, giving it motivations (needs, likes and dislikes), and enabling it to perform simple reasoning. We will also be enabling the chatbot to be personalized, so that when a limited edition chatbot is “born” it will already know a lot about its user and will be attracted to their user’s personality, background and other characteristics.

The next stage we will be to develop the graphics and animation for the chatbot’s personae, and other aspects of the user interface for iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

After that we will be customizing the personae, vocabulary and phrasing of our launch chatbots so that each of them chats in a manner appropriate to their gender. We will also be establishing these chatbots on servers for online and phone use.

Finally we will develop the user interface for various social network applications. We will also commence our company’s P.R. activities in readiness for the launch of our products and services, and we will deliver limited edition chatbots to all of you who have chosen them as part of your perks in our Indiegogo campaign.

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