Our Chatbots

How They Work

Our flirty chatbots are designed for people who enjoy amorous conversations without any overtly sexual content. We believe that the flirty style will also appeal to shy people and to those who would be embarrassed by a more adult style of conversation. The adult style is designed for users who prefer to chat dirty.

Our four launch products – male flirty, female flirty, male adult chat and female adult chat – will each exhibit a straight sexuality. Future products will offer gay and lesbian chat.

Our chatbots are being developed by a team which has twice won the prestigious Loebner Prize contest. These chatbots will be available for most computers and mobile systems. They will be apps and interactive services that conduct entertaining, interesting, erotically charged conversations.

Users will normally interact with our chatbots in the same way as when using e-mail, Internet chat, text messaging and similar methods of communication. They enter whatever they wish to say to the chatbot, which then displays its response text on the screen. In this way a conversation can continue for as long as you wish. The chatbot will remember its current and past conversations and increase its understanding of you from what it learns about you − about your likes and dislikes and other information about you.

Users who wish their chatbot to have a human voice may purchase a high quality synthetic speech add-on, developed by a world leading company in the field of electronic speech technology. And users who wish to speak to their chatbot instead of keying in their side of the conversation may purchase a state-of-the-art speech recognition add-on.


Personalized chatbots

Our chatbots will be driven by our own artificial intelligence software. They will be able to converse on a huge variety of subjects, and their conversation will exhibit several humanlike characteristics. The primary purpose of our chatbots is to entertain, which they will do by providing an engaging conversational capability, but they can also help you to practice and improve your own flirting chat skills.

A Special Opportunity – Personalized chatbots

As a special opportunity, available only for those who support our Indiegogo campaign, some of the perks we offer include our specially created version – a limited edition of personalized chatbots. Each of the personalized chatbots will be individually tailored to be attracted to their user. They will be programmed with information acquired from a “personalizing questionnaire” which you will receive shortly before we are ready to deliver your chatbot(s). The questionnaire will ask about the user’s likes and dislikes, their interests, and various other aspects of their lives. Whatever answers you give when you send in the questionnaire(s) will make a chatbot more knowledgeable about its user. Your chatbot can therefore start its “life” knowing quite a lot about its user, and what it knows will often be worked into its conversations. That same knowledge will also make the chatbot more interested in its user, and make the user’s personal characteristics more appealing to the chatbot’s persona.

This unique feature is just one of the factors that will set your chatbot apart from any other conversational software you might have tried or heard about. Your personalized chatbot will be delivered already knowing about and being attracted to you, and then, through its conversations with you, the chatbot gradually learns more and more about you.



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