Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms and operating systems will the chatbots run?

When we launch our first four chatbots they will be able to run on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Why should I talk to a chatbot rather than a real person?

Conversations with our chatbots will be great fun! They will entertain and amuse you, and they are designed to help you develop your flirting skills. But it isn’t a question of making a choice of whether to talk to a chatbot or a person, and you shouldn’t stop chatting to “real” people just because you have a chatbot. Think of a chatbot as a new friend who is rather different in its conversational style from everyone else you know.

Can I chat to the chatbot about almost anything?

Yes. Each of our chatbots has a very wide-ranging knowledge of the world, as well as knowledge about things and common-sense knowledge.

How clever are the chatbots?

The chatbots are clever enough to be able to conduct unlimited conversations with you about a wide range of subjects, and they will make you believe that they understand you.

What exactly is the Loebner prize?

A It is an annual prize competition, founded in 1991 by a New York entrepreneur, Dr Hugh Loebner, to find the world’s best conversation software. The competition is based on the famous “Turing Test”, which was proposed by Alan Turing, one of the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence. See for example

Why are you trying to raise funds on Indiegogo rather than through traditional investors?

A During the past couple of years or so crowdfunding has taken off as the modern way for start-ups to raise funds. It is quicker and easier to launch a crowdfunding campaign than to prepare all of the documentation needed and go through all the bureaucratic processes associated with traditional investor funding. And one very big advantage of crowdfunding is that the “crowd” becomes the basis for a community of enthusiasts – people who genuinely like the idea of the project.

What’s in it for me if I donate $10 or more?

Each of our perks will bring you one or more gifts soon after our Indiegogo campaign ends on July 31st. Later, once we have developed the four launch versions of our chatbot, you will receive at least one of them and possibly more than one (so you can gift to your friends if you wish), according to how much you have pledged. And if you would like to give us hands-on assistance to improve our chatbots you can accept our invitation to send us snippets of some of your conversations with your chatbot, together with your comments, suggestions, and any criticisms.

Will I be able to access/own a chatbot if I donate?

Yes. Provided you donate $10 or more, your perks will include a chatbot (or possibly more than one, depending on how much you have pledged).

How long will I get a chatbot for if I donate?

A You may keep and use it forever.

Can I gift a chatbot to a friend?

Yes – when we have competed the core of our development work you can specify the user’s email address to which (each of) your chatbot(s) should be sent.

What will be the differences between the app chatbots and the online interactive services?

A The online interactive services will provide more features than the apps, and there will be very modest monthly charges for their use.



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